My Dear Polar Explorers - Myke Hermsmeyer Photography

My Dear Polar Explorers

Portraits of competitors and staff from 24 countries taken aboard the M/v Placius while trying to pass the time during the two day crossing of the Drake Passage towards Antarctica for the 4Deserts "The Last Desert" 250km stage race. The name of the gallery comes from our Placius expedition leader David from Sweden who would wake us up every morning or update us on plans over the ship's loudspeaker by beginning with, "My dear polar explorers...."  

I'll have more photos and personal stories up from the race soon on my website (see my pre-Antarctica gear blog) and on Instagram (@mykehphoto) but to learn more about the brutal and beautiful Antarctic stage race check out the photo gallery I worked on with writer with Martin Fritz Huber for Outside Online.

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