King of the Canyon - Jim Walmsley R2R & R2R2R FKT - Myke Hermsmeyer Photography

King of the Canyon - Jim Walmsley's R2R & R2R2R FKT

Jim Walmsley 2016 R2R & R2R2R FKT

Photos from Jim Walmsley's record setting run in the Grand Canyon on October 4th, 2016. Jim set the 42 mile rim-to-rim-to-rim record in 5:55:20 (previous record was 6:21:47 by Rob Krar in 2013) and also broke the 21 mile rim-to-rim record along the way in 2:46 (previous record 2:51 also by Rob Krar in 2012).

For more info about Jim's record run check out the resources below:

-Outside Magazine's article "Behind the Scenes of Jim Walmsley’s Record-Setting Grand Canyon Run"

-Jim's R2R2R run report on

-Jim's R2R & R2R2R Strava Data

-Jim's Instagram

-Myke's Instagram

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